Can Bridesmaids Dresses Be Cool?

Can Bridesmaids Dresses Be Cool?

When it comes to shopping for a wedding party, the available options seem to be way slimmer and less stylish than usual. Finding a wedding dress that suits your unique personality isn’t always an easy feat — and the hunt for an equally cool bridesmaid dress is no different.

Here’s the stich. You’ve asked your besties to be a part of your bridal party and everyone is so excited. But what are they going to wear? You picture them all in dazzling gowns that fits in your required color scheme and can effortlessly match your wedding theme and gorgeous gown. However, with a lack of variety available, you’re worried about falling into the cookie-cutter trap with an expected and “safe” (read: boring) option. Babe, let’s not go there! 

With wedding season in high gear, we’re here to shine a light on the bridesmaids dresses that won’t make you cringe when you look at your bridal party photos in a few years. Not only that, your bridesmaids will feel way more confident on your big day instead of faking it to not stress you out. Sorry, just being honest! 

So, without further ado, here are some out-of-the-box options for bridesmaids dresses that are sure to get a ton of likes on IG and even be frame-worthy, if you’re old school like me! 


To Tulle For School

Designer: Jenny Yoo

Designer: Lulu’s

Tulle is all the rage and is a perfect alternative to a poufy, prom-like bridesmaids dress.


Sleek With A Pop Of Personality

Designer: Maids to Measure

Silk, satin, and more — a sleek and simple bridesmaids is always a safe bet, especially with you pair it with a pop of fun like a bold shoe or a daring hair accessory.


Mix Up The Vibes

Planner: Afro Wedding

Photographer: SAO Paulo Fotografia

We’ve seen this one before, but I say take it even further. Instead of getting the same fabric in different styles, why not let your bridesmaids all wear completely different dresses? Variety is the spice of life! 

Go Bold 

Designer: Jason Wu

Bold colors are so hot right now, and if you ask me, they always have been! Do you dare ditch the beige and creams for something a little more, you know, NEON? See what we did there? 



Designer: Lapointe

Wanna really stand out? A bridal party wearing all chic pantsuits is sure to make a statement.



Designer: For Love + Lemons

When in doubt, a maxi dress is a timeless and alternative route for bridesmaids. Mix it up with prints and lengths, but make sure it’s as easy, breezy, and beautiful as the bride.

 As Creative Wedding Planners, we love helping our brides and their wedding parties find outfits that stand out and let their personality shine. Let’s chat about how we can dress up your big day today!