Neon River is
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instant freakin’ joy
a creative wedding agency.

Who We Are

We are storytellers, creative planners, and flawless executers. We are LOVERS, die-hard romantics, and doers. We are Neon River.

Born from the Event Production Company, Twenty Three Layers, Neon River is a design-forward agency that takes a boutique approach to wedding planning. It was time to give weddings a full salute – a space where I Do’s are the focus. Communication, creativity, and process mixed together with more than a decade of work under our pretty little belts, well that sounds like a win-win! And what’s better – producing events across all verticals within the industry whether it be experiential events, brand launches, or pop-ups, only creates a more faceted approach to how we think about weddings (and how extraordinary we can make them).

Planning is our Jam

Roll Call – strategic thinking, creative vision, thoughtful design, flawless execution, and someone to keep you sane? Yep, we’re all here! And our planning capabilities are off the charts..

Babe, get excited about planning your wedding. Because joy comes first – everything else is second.

Creativity on Lock

We plan, we design, we create.

Our Mission: To produce a wedding that’s nothing short of Epic. The wedding of all weddings (at least top 5 amirite?). Out-of-the-box, traditional, simple, whimsical or over-the-top, Neon River will guide you through and make it magic.

It’s a mood, wrapped in a vibe – feelin’ it?

Your story
Our Skills
One Big Day


Love Notes

Jessica Boskoff, oh how we love this woman and her incredible team of wonder women. They pulled off a very high-touch, surprise wedding in just under 3 months. Bill and I knew we wanted a beautifully designed wedding with lots of over-the-top ‘surprise + delight’ moments and details. She gave our ideas vision, and these ladies far exceeded expectations. Planning this wedding so quickly was busy, but they made it easy + fun. We had to switch to our rain plan on the day of the wedding – they never missed a beat – were tired, drenched and I’m sure hungry and all you saw was smiles, calm, and control.

The wedding was stunning. Jess’s design-forward approach was seen everywhere from the tablescapes, to the kid’s suitcases, to the guest’s gift bags, custom experiences, etc. it was perfect.

They create magic and most importantly made sunshine in the rain…I can never thank them enough and will truly miss working with them.

Nicole + Bill

Throughout the planning process, Jessica and her team felt like family. They took the time to get to know us as individuals and understand us as a couple. As a result, they were able to take our conceptualized vision and organize it with intention and tactical grace.

Jess and her team treated the most playful whims and the strangest requests with urgency and care, though they didn’t just blindly execute every fleeting idea. Instead, informed by their vast event planning experience, the Neon River team gave us professional insight and offered their invaluable opinions.

The entire planning process was a truly collaborative experience that we look back on with fondness and pride. This was only possible because the Neon River team quietly took care of all the tedious and time consuming details that usually make wedding planning a nightmare. They handled paperwork, permits, vendor coordination, and more. On top of that, their strong vendor relationships allowed us to be decisive and make decisions with confidence.

As for the wedding, we knew we could not control every aspect of the day. Unexpected issues seem to inevitably arise when there is a full day of activities across multiple locations. However, we can honestly say that everything went just right. If an issue had come up, we certainly did not notice.  We wanted to be captivated by each moment and Jess and her team made sure of it. We spent the entire day focused on friends, family, and most importantly, having a lot of fun. And really, that’s what wedding planning with Neon River is – a lot of fun.

Sylvea + Puneet
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Why Neon?

Color evokes emotion. Neon colors evoke instant joy. That’s the vibe you’ll feel working with us. Because it’s Neon kind of love. And because we believe that your wedding planning journey should bring you as much joy as a new pair of 6” heels (on sale!)

Here’s how we do it:
We begin with an exploration of your wedding vision. What do you want it to look like? Feel like? What do you want your special day to say about you as a couple? The NR Team will be with you every step of the way, making sure we manage all aspects of your wedding – hitting every milestone in the process.

We think of everything so you don’t have to.


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