Are Themed Weddings Cool?

Are Themed Weddings Cool?

One of the most polarizing topics in the wedding industry is the concept of a themed wedding. While some people thrive on a theme to follow when it comes to planning their big day, others have one word that comes to mind when discussing a themed wedding: tacky. As someone who is no stranger to planning weddings of all kinds, I’ve been there and seen it all — from movie themed ceremonies to monochromatic aesthetic weddings. I’ll be completely honest, I don’t love them all, but hey — you know what I always say about wedding planning: it’s YOUR day, so you do you, babe.

Recently, someone asked me “are themed weddings cool?” and I actually found myself unsure as to how I should respond. Full tea, there are just so many factors in determining if the answer is yes or no! So, I decided to put together a blog (why not, right?) to dissect the topic a little further and answer the question once and for all…are themed weddings cool? Let’s dive right in. 

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Scott Clark

First things first, what kind of theme are we talking here? In my honest opinion, going for a theme that is hyper trendy and of the moment may seem cool in the moment, but in ten years when you look back…meh, not so much! For example, if hot pink is trending right now (thanks, Valentino!) and you want to have a super editorial-looking wedding, yet you don’t vibe with pink in your every day life, stop right there. However, if pink has always been your favorite color and you want a pink themed wedding, I say go for it!! 

Let’s get even more thematic, say…Harry Potter. Believe me, they happen a lot! Personally, I believe that the wedding should be about the couple, not about a fictional character from the movies or television. A movie themed wedding is almost guaranteed to be the most memorable part of the day. For that reason, I would advise against it. However, if the couple met because they bonded over their love of Harry Potter and it is an integral part of who they are, then all the power to them!

Planner: Neon River + Sister company 23 Layers!

As a creative wedding planner, I tend to gravitate more towards color stories and moods as theme, say “rustic”, “simplistic”, or “bold”. These give lots of room to have fun while also keeping the whole experience cohesive. Just my hot take!

Planner: 23 Layers!

Photographer: Filip Wolak

The destination of the wedding is also a big determining factor of if it should be themed or not. Destination weddings on the beach, for example, are super commonly themed around the surroundings! I’m talking barefoot bride, birch logs as seating, florals native to the surrounding are. For this kind of theme, I say heck ya! 

Another great example of this would be a western themed wedding taking place at a barn. This can go either way, in my opinion, but it’s one of those things that if done correctly (say, by professionals *ahem*) it can be super cool and highly effective. 

Photographer: Makayla Mcgarvey

So, are themed weddings cool?

My response to that is: as long as it’s authentic. What one couple might think is amazing might be completely different to another thinks, and that’s the beauty of individuality. Sure, I might not love a Harry Potter themed wedding, but if the couple does, then I am all about it. I would advise people to stay away from super trendy themes, but otherwise, do what makes you happy — because there is nothing cooler than that.