How to make your wedding a reflection of your personality

How to make your wedding a reflection of your personality

So, you got the ring (yay!) and you’ve started to do some preliminary planning, but everything you’re seeing so far just doesn’t feel like you. Sound familiar? Well, never fear — Neon River is here to help you say bye-bye to basic and hello to an out-of-the-box, dream wedding that has you and your partner’s personalities all over it. 

Now, the concept of injecting your vibrant personality into your wedding day might sound easy, but tbh, there’s an art to it. Believe it or not, there is such thing as going overboard. That’s where we come in.

The team at Neon River Weddings loves planning fabulously fresh and totally magical weddings and will always make sure that every wedding is a reflection of the couples’ personality, and for today’s blog, we’re gonna dive into some of our favorite ways to do this.

Our first tip? Let go of the expectations of what other people think your wedding should be. Once that’s out of the way, the rest should follow pretty smoothly. Are you ready? Let’s dive in. 


Personalized Cocktails 

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Filip Wolak

Yes, you could serve highballs, wine, and champagne at your wedding and everyone would be happy, but why not make it a bit more fun? For that personal touch, we recommend opting to serve you and your partner’s favorite drinks as the features. Whether it’s a cheap beer and a shot of whiskey or an elaborately fancy cocktail with a standout garnish — your guests should know and appreciate that these cocktails are a purposeful, fun, and a thoughtful choice.

Don’t have a fav drink? You could opt to serve the cocktail both of you enjoyed on your first date — if you remember, that is. Add another special layer by creating fun names for these drinks, so your loved ones will always associate them with your big day.

Now that we think about it, this makes us want to invent a cocktail called the Neon River! 


Walk Down The Aisle To A Different Beat 

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Scott Clark

If the thought of walking down the aisle to The Wedding March or Pachelbel’s Canon doesn’t feel natural, don’t do it. Walking down the aisle is one of those super special moments that should make a lifelong impression on your friends and family, so make it personal right out of the gate instead of waiting until your first dance to celebrate with your favorite jams. 

Let’s be honest, if you’ve ever attended a wedding and their song wasn’t untraditional, you probably still remember the song and how fitting it was for the couple. Just sayin’! [talk about personality of the song of the above image + link to neon video of their wedding]

Think Outside The Traditional Venue 

If a chapel or a hotel is your vibe, nothing should stop you from going that route! Even though we love out-of-the-box wedding concepts, the more practical options could be a better fit for you. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, which is where a little creativity comes in. *squeals with excitement* 

Photographer: Sparkle Photography

Planner: Hoppes Events

Photography: Mel Henderson


When we’re helping our clients find a venue, we always encourage them to get playful and look beyond the obvious. Sometimes the best venues are ones that were never meant to be a venue for the occasion at all. We’re talking about places like your favorite restaurant, a Museum, a National Park, a coffee shop, or even a beautiful backyard. What matters most is that it holds meaning for you and your partner and that it feels authentic and true to who you are. 


Go With A Different Wedding Photography Style

Photographer: Scott Clark
Photographer: The Foxes Photography

You can still have a fairytale wedding even if your photos aren’t the typical highly posed with soft diffused light. One trend we’re totally vibing with right now is the use of flash photography! This helps to bring some edginess to the photos, and really highlights the fun, party energy. Erin Foster’s wedding featured this style of photography at the wedding and reception, and the photos were such a special element. 

Photographer: Ruby Olivia

Pro Tip: While we’re on the topic of cool wedding photos – if you already have a wedding photographer that you love (some of our personal faves are Vanessa Tierney, Valorie Darling, Scott Clarke, and Bo Shim), create a mood board with some of the images you’re inspired by and share them with your photographer! 


Get Your Video On

Hey, why stop at photos when you could also hire a videographer? Imagine yourself in 20 years on your emerald anniversary, reminiscing about your wedding by watching a video with your partner and enjoying a celebratory glass of champagne. Sounds pretty magical to us. 

Also, we can’t forget about the importance of social media! Your wedding videographer should be able to provide you with a few 15-60 second clips for you to share on the gram (and other platforms) so that you can show off your wedding for months to come. Go ahead, flaunt it — it’s your special day and you might as well gets some “likes” out of the deal. 

Overall, video captures the little memories you might forget with only photos. Whether you plan to share those clips with others or keep them to yourselves, you’ll be happy to have them digitally captured forever. 

If we can leave you with one final reminder, it’s this: your wedding is your wedding. If a traditional wedding doesn’t resonate with your personality, then it’s your prerogative to do something different. After all, rules (and some traditions!) were meant to be broken, weren’t they? If you’re ready to start planning your creative wedding, slide into our inbox at