4 Wedding Planner Pet Peeves

 4 Wedding Planner Pet Peeves

As wedding planners, we have to deal with a lot in order for your day to run smoothly. That means a ton of big personalities, obstacles, last-minute changes, and more, but in the end we do it because we truly love it. Either that, or we’re suckers for a little pressure, but at the end of the day our main job is to make the couple happy.

Does that mean it’s all flowers and champagne every day until the big day? No Way! In fact, there are certain parts of the job that can really get under our skin. You know, those little moments that remind you why wedding planning and event coordination are considered some of the most high-stress jobs out there? Yeah, those! While there are hundreds of things that can be tricky to navigate, I know for a fact that each wedding planner has their own unique set of pet peeves.

Now I can’t speak for all wedding planners, but hey — chances are some of the others out there feel the same way! So, if you’re a bride and/or groom reading this, consider this your sign and save you wedding planner the headache by avoiding these four wedding planner pet peeves of mine. 


1. Overdoing The DIY 

Getting crafty is one thing, making the whole wedding a craft is another! No, this isn’t because I’m not a fan of crafts — I think DIY is fabulous — but guess what almost always happens? Time runs out and the stress begins. It’s nice to imagine that you can make your whole wedding from scratch, but this just means a TON more work just to save some money. My suggestion? Pick and choose wisely what should be done by hand and leave the rest to the vendors. Trust me, I can find one that works within your budget and fits your vibe! [talk about why the image below works as a DIY]

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Scott Clark


2. Unrealistic Budgets

Now this one I’m sure plenty of wedding planners can agree upon. Unrealistic budgets are a no-go for me, especially when the couple tries to tell me how their big plans are going to work within their impossible budget.  Another budgeting flaw I see a lot is trying to divide the total budget by the number of guests in order to come up with a per person cost. Believe me, this method can do more harm than good, so it’s best to not go that route. 

Planner: Neon River + Big Sis 23!

Photographer: Valorie Darling


3. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

I can’t say it enough, the wedding should be about the couple. Point blank! Then, the wedding planner is there because they are hired to professionally assist the couple and make the big day come to life. And that, my friends, should be the extent of who gets a big say in the wedding. Having too much input from family and friends is playing with fire and just asking for the wedding planning process to get overcomplicated and even derailed.

Photographer: Vanessa Tierney


4. Last Minute Surprises

After months of meticulous planning, the last thing a wedding planner wants to hear is an out-of-the-blue addition to the wedding the week of. I get it, unexpected things happen and I’m down to roll with the punches, but not getting proper information from the couple until far too late in the game is a big pet peeve. Over communication, girlies! It’s key.

Now I know it might not sound like it after reading this blog, but at the end of the day I am high-key obsessed with the wonderful world of wedding planning and never for one second regret getting into the industry, but let’s keep it real here — nothing’s perfect. I hope these tips can give you some insight into what not to do during the wedding planning process and I promise, your wedding planner will thank you.