Florals, But Make It Cool — My Favorite Floral Trends

Florals, But Make It Cool — My Favorite Floral Trends

Wedding planning has become more intentional than ever before and the same goes for choosing wedding flowers. While florals and weddings have always gone hand-in-hand, these days brides and grooms are looking to spice things up with their blooms by getting creative. Who knew florals for a wedding could actually, in fact, be groundbreaking!

As a Creative Wedding Planner, the fact that brides are hoping to think outside of the box when it comes to floral is an exciting matter. Sure, we all love white roses, but your floral choices should be just like every other aspect of your wedding: a reflection of you! Couples are getting even more creative, ditching tradition in favor of more unique ideas for weddings in 2022. They want the wow factor — for their guests to walk into the venue and immediately be amazed.

Couples also take social media into account more than ever, so having grammable floral arrangements throughout your wedding is a win-win situation. 

So, what does the floral future look like in 2022? Here are some of my favorite ways to do florals at your wedding — but make it cool.


Bold and Bright!

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Scott Clark

While pastel hues will always be in style, this year couples want punchier and bolder florals.


Texture Galore

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Scott Clark

Go for a wide variety that work together to create *chefs kiss* magic.


Organic Shapes

Photography: The Foxes

Planner: Kosi Events

Flowers don’t always grow into a perfect shape as expected, but couples are embracing their organic shapes!


The Drama Of It All

Planner: Neon River

Photographer: Scott Clark

Go big or go home!


Various Centerpieces

Planner: Neon River + Sister Agency 23 Layers!

Photographer: Scott Clark

Blooms don’t have to be on a solo display, in fact, working in other décor items like candles or a variety of vases takes any floral design up a notch.


A Way to Make an Entrance

Planner: Neon River + Sister Agency 23 Layers!

Photographer: Valorie Darling

Why not make your grand entrance even more grand?


Unique Arches

Planner: Foreland Events

Photographer: Noiva de Evasê

Gone are the days of a basic floral arch to tie the knot in front of. Couples are getting more creative than ever with their ceremony backdrops, and we love to see it.


Unexpected Color Pairings

Planner: 23 Layers!

Photographer: Jenny Abrams

One easy way to differentiate your overall wedding look is to opt for a unique color scheme and incorporate it into your florals.

When you work with Neon River, we will instantly get a sense of your vibe right off the bat and have tons of ideas on what kind of florals scream “you”. Not only that, we work with the best florists to ensure that we’re working within your budget and selecting florals that are in season.

Wanna know more? Reach out and let’s talk about you, your wedding, and what florals you should go for!